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     Guangzhou Jin Qingyuan Mould & Plastic Co., Ltd. Is a private enterprise with a plant area of more than 12000 square meters, and has obtained GB/T19001-2019,ISO14001-2020,and the international quality management system certification.specializing in product development, mold design & manufacturing, injection molding production and secondary processing like painting, silk-screening, ultrasonic welding, laser engrave. The product types mainly involved in are automotive and motorcycle parts, audio, home appliances and medical supplies. The company has more than 30 vertical and horizontal injection molding machines ranging from 120 tons to 1600 tons. Our expertise is extreme cold and heat high-gloss injection, nitrogen injection, gas assist molding,micro-foam injection molding, vertical plastic injection and co-molding/over-molding, suitable for high dimensional accuracy, appearance, deformation, and hardware assembly with high stablization requirements for precision plastic parts. In addition,we have rich experience in mirco foam injection and gas-assist molding .Micro foam injection is widely used in the audio industry for parts like phase plug, giant horn etc., to achieve accurate geometry and lightweight parts,. Gass assist molding is also used to avoid sink marks and very thick wall thinkness area to make very strong parts like handle or structure parts.The company staff uphold the quality policy of "quality first, customer first, keep improving" to meet the different needs of customers. Good reputation, reasonable price and best service, for every new and regular customer.

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